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Stafford Appliance Repair Company offers same-day service for Refrigerator Repair in Chillicothe, OH. Our experienced technicians are very knowledgeable about most brands of refrigerators and other kitchen appliances. We offer extremely reliable kitchen appliance repair for homes and restaurants in our local community. Our steadfast mission is to be there when our customers need our help the most. We guarantee customer satisfaction by responding quickly and accurately.

Our experts offer fantastic refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, and small appliance repair in the Chillicothe, OH area. Fixing refrigerators is one of our specialties. The refrigerator may very well be the hardest working kitchen appliance in the home. These units are responsible for keeping perishable foods cold or frozen and out of the danger zone. The danger zone for food products is generally between 40F and 140F degrees. When food is in the danger zone, germs multiply. We keep temperatures out of this zone.

We understand that the refrigerator must continually kick in to keep temperatures cold. Some of the simplest problems can interfere with this process. Listed below are several of the refrigerator parts that can go on the blink, which can cause the refrigerator to work harder than necessary to get the job done and sometimes cause it to stop working altogether:

• Door Hinges and Gaskets
• Thermostat
• Compressors
• Sensors

Our experienced appliance specialists have excellent troubleshooting skills and will apply them efficiently towards refrigerator repair options in the Chillicothe, OH community. Whether we are fixing refrigerators or other essential kitchen appliances, we always get the job done right. For refrigerator repair and kitchen appliance repair you can depend on, let Stafford Appliance Repair Company provide your services today.